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S220 Standard Powered Wheelchair

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Strong Body Structure
  • User Recommended
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The S220 Standard Battery Powered Wheelchair represents a reliable and economical solution designed for the B2B market, specifically meeting the needs of companies specializing in mobility aids for people with disabilities. This cordless wheelchair reflects a product of high quality and functionality, combining a solid body structure with user-friendly features. Understanding the unique requirements of businesses operating in this sector, the S220 offers an attractive blend of durability and affordability.

This state-of-the-art mobility aid is recommended by its users and backed by a 2-year warranty, providing both supplier and consumer peace of mind. As a cordless wheelchair, it emphasizes ease of use without compromising performance and is an ideal choice for your inventory. Its economical price point further enhances its appeal in the competitive marketplace, allowing you to offer value to your customers without a significant investment.

Robust Design Meets User Satisfaction

Investing in the S220 Standard Battery Powered Wheelchair means offering your customers a product built to last. Its robust body construction is a testament to the exacting standards it has met. Designed to withstand the daily challenges faced by wheelchair users, the S220 offers a reliable solution that buyers can count on. Furthermore, this cordless wheelchair has received positive feedback from its user base, a testament to its performance and the satisfaction it brings to the end user.

By choosing the S220 for your range, you get a wheelchair known for its robustness and user satisfaction. Such endorsements are invaluable for businesses aiming to maintain their reputation for delivering quality products, and with the S220, you get exactly that. Its design has been carefully considered to meet the needs and preferences of those who rely on wheelchairs for mobility and independence.

Value-Added Advantages of the S220

The S220 Standard Battery Powered Wheelchair is the perfect choice for businesses offering economical products without compromising quality. The competitive pricing strategy ensures you can provide customers with an accessible mobility solution. Furthermore, the wheelchair's commitment to fast dispatch underlines its commitment to prompt service, allowing you to efficiently meet your customers' demands. Quick delivery is more than convenience; it's about respecting the importance of mobility in your customers' lives.

With the S220, you are investing not only in a battery-powered wheelchair but also in the satisfaction and trust of your customers. The combination of a strong warranty, durable construction, user approval, and economic value positions the S220 as a stand-out product in the range of vehicles designed for people with disabilities. It addresses the needs of your target group directly and offers a practical and thoughtful solution in the field of battery-powered mobility aids.

Seat Width 45 cm Seat Depth 43 cm
Seat Height 61 cm Seat Angle
Backrest Height 4 cm Armrest Height 23 cm
Total Width 65 cm Total Height 108 cm
Total Length 110 cm Folding Width
Rear Wheels 14″ PNU Front Wheels 10″ PNU
Materiel Çelik / Steel Product Weight 99.5 kg
Max. Carrying Capacity 180 kg Carton Dimensions 95-69-73 cm
Container Loads 20’DC / 48 – 40’DC / 108 Max. Speed 6.0 KM/H
Max. Range 40 Km Turning Radius 82 cm
Motors 2xDC 24V 450W Control Device PG VR2 70A
Battery 2×55 AH Jel Charger 5 Amp Off-Board
Brake Elektromanyetik / Electromagnetic Max. Safe Slope 12°
Max. Jumping 10 cm Back Reclining Degree 45°

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