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REHA-2 Air Cushion

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Strong Body Structure
  • User Recommended
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Discover the Reha 2 Air Cushion, a revolutionary solution specifically designed to improve the comfort and well-being of wheelchair users. Recognizing the challenges faced by those who sit for long periods, this product is emerging as a vital accessory in the B2B sector, aiming to meet the sophisticated demands of businesses serving the disabled community.

The Reha 2 Air Cushion epitomizes functionality and relief by targeting critical pain points such as tailbone discomfort, lower back stress, and sciatic nerve pain. Manufactured from durable rubber, this wheelchair cushion reduces the unwanted effects of continuous sitting and the common problem of sweating, providing a more enjoyable user experience.

Ergonomic Design Meets Ultimate Comfort

Our Reha 2 Air Cushion is accompanied by a two full year warranty, reassuring you of its robust construction and unrivaled economic value. Because comfort is essential for people who require prolonged sitting, our product has been expertly designed to alleviate various symptoms and address multiple ailments, from degenerative disc disease to muscle tightness. With this cushion, comfort is not just a luxury but a guarantee.

The Reha 2 Air Cushion also stands out as a user-recommended wheelchair cushion, indicating its proven effectiveness and satisfaction levels among various users. This product's lightweight nature serves as an added advantage, ensuring that it can be easily carried and transported without compromising the sturdiness of its support.

Dedicated to Quality and Convenience

Understanding the urgency of the frequent need for these commodities, we pride ourselves on offering fast dispatch, ensuring our customers avoid significant disruption to their daily lives. Businesses can now support their customers more efficiently than ever, and the Reha 2 Air Cushion is just one order away from significantly enhancing the end user's daily experience.

Each Reha 2 Air Cushion is packaged with its pump to enhance the user's comfort further. The pump facilitates easy inflation or deflation according to the user's preference and comfort level. This autonomy allows the user to achieve their desired level of firmness, promoting optimal sitting posture and reducing the potential for discomfort.

Materiel Kauçuk / Rubber Product Weight 1.5 kg
Max. Carrying Capacity 136 kg Carton Dimensions 44 x 40 x 07 cm
Color of Parts Lacivert / Navy Blue Number of Cartons 1

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