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PR-981 Aluminum Shock Absorber Underarm Crutches

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Strong Body Structure
  • User Recommended
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The PR-981 Aluminium Armpit Crutch is a groundbreaking innovation targeted at B2B buyers and companies offering mobility solutions to those in need. This product stands out in the market because of its superior design and functionality and its unique approach to user mobility support. With unrivaled quality in mind, we have developed an underarm crutch that fulfills users' critical needs, providing a comfortable and reliable mobility aid.

Understanding the importance of reliability in mobility aids, the PR-981 Aluminium Underarm Crutch comes with a unique 2-year Warranty, reassuring you of its exceptional build quality and durability. With its robust body construction and vibration-absorbing spring structure, it has been carefully designed to withstand the rigors of daily use while ensuring the user feels safe and supported with every step. This armpit crutch is a product and a companion for those who value reliability.

Unique features for demanding users

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the comprehensive feature package offered by the PR-981 Aluminium Armpit Crutch. Each crutch is tailor-made for discerning buyers, prioritizing durability and user satisfaction. Recommended by users for its ergonomic design, it epitomizes what it means to combine functionality with comfort. Whether traveling in tight spaces or covering longer distances, the PR-981 is built to meet various user requirements efficiently.

An economical choice, the PR-981 Aluminium Armpit Wand does not compromise on quality. We understand the importance of budget-conscious decisions in the B2B sector and have priced our product to offer the best value. Our underarm crutch, which ensures compliance with the highest standards, stands out among its peers with its flexible, plastic, and replaceable sturdy shoe structure that adheres to the floor. This feature also supports the recovery process after orthopedic surgery by providing a reliable performance that allows individuals to navigate their surroundings with an enhanced sense of security.

Excellence in Service and Transport

The demand for fast and reliable service is paramount in today's fast-paced world, especially regarding essential mobility aids. We pride ourselves on our promise of quick shipping, ensuring the PR-981 Aluminium Armpit Crutch reaches your business as soon as possible. Our streamlined logistics and distribution networks work tirelessly to minimize waiting times, allowing you to provide ongoing customer support without delay.

Choosing the PR-981 Aluminium Armpit Crutch sends a clear message: your business values quality, reliability, and user satisfaction above all else. We invite you to upgrade your product offerings and empower your customers with a mobility aid designed with precision and care. Experience the difference that comes with a product tailor-made to improve the quality of life of its users.

Total Width 4 cm Total Height 114-164 cm
Total Length 21 cm Folding Width 20 cm
Materiel Alüminyum / Aluminum Product Weight 2.12 kg
Max. Carrying Capacity 136 kg Carton Dimensions 65-48-41 cm
Container Loads 20'DC 2180 - 40'DC 5300 Tilt -
Color of Parts Gri / Grey Number of Cartons 10 Çift / Pair

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