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PR-911M Aluminum Underarm Crutches (M)

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Strong Body Structure
  • User Recommended
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The PR-911M Aluminium Underarm Crutch (M) is an economical underarm crutch designed to increase mobility. Specially designed for the B2B sector and assistive equipment suppliers, this medium-sized underarm crutch is not only a tool but also a sign of independence for the disabled. With its robust features and affordable price, the PR-911M stands out as a prudent purchase for businesses that aim to provide their customers with top-quality aid.

Understanding the different requirements of its target audience, the PR-911M has been meticulously shaped to meet their demands for high durability and comfort. The commitment to quality and user satisfaction is evident in every aspect of this underarm crutch, making it a staple in the disability aids market. Its commitment to rapid deployment underlines its reputation as a fast-shipping product, ensuring it reaches your customers promptly.

Unshakable Quality and Support

The core strength of the PR-911M lies in its robust body construction, providing a stable companion for users navigating the complexities of limited mobility. Manufactured from high-quality aluminum, the crutch promises long-lasting support, highlighted by a generous 2-year warranty that reflects confidence in its enduring performance. This durable build quality becomes a reliable ally for end users, providing a sturdy yet lightweight frame that stands the test of time.

Ensuring compliance with the highest standards, our underarm crutch stands out from its peers with its flexible, plastic, and interchangeable sturdy lug construction that adheres to the floor. It also supports the recovery process after orthopedic surgery by providing reliable performance that allows individuals to navigate their surroundings with enhanced security. It further solidifies the user-recommended PR-911M as a wise investment for any B2B buyer looking to supply their customers with reliable mobility aids.

Economy and Efficiency

Aligned with the pragmatic needs of commercial customers, the PR-911M Armpit Wand is designed to be economically robust. It embodies the essence of value for money and demonstrates that high quality can come with something other than an exorbitant price tag. This economical product represents an advantageous purchase that provides the features commonly expected from premium models without the necessary financial strain. In turn, it allows businesses to extend this cost-effectiveness to the consumer, fostering goodwill and customer loyalty.

Furthermore, the fast delivery of the PR-911M Underarm Wand is an example of its manufacturers' commitment to efficiency. Recognizing the need for quick service in the healthcare industry, this underarm crutch is quickly shipped in a specially shrink-wrapped package and is hygienically ready for first use. Focusing on rapid deployment ensures that businesses can meet their inventory needs rapidly, reducing downtime and enabling them to provide a continuous supply of crutches to those who rely on them most

Total Width - Total Height 115-135 cm
Materiel Alüminyum / Aluminum Product Weight 0.86 kg
Max. Carrying Capacity - Carton Dimensions 143-36-30 cm
Color of Parts Gri-Sarı / Grey-Yellow Number of Cartons 10 Çift / Pair

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