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G503 Aluminum Transfer Chair

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Strong Body Structure
  • User Recommended
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It is introducing the G503 Aluminium Wheelchair, a state-of-the-art patient transport chair designed for businesses that serve people with disabilities. Ideally suited for the B2B market, this transfer chair is not just a piece of equipment; it's a testament to mobility independence, designed to ensure every journey is as comfortable as possible. This wheelchair has been expertly designed to meet the complex requirements of those who need short-term mobility assistance.

This product appeals to a discerning customer base, including companies looking for reliable, economical transport solutions. The G503 Aluminium Wheelchair stands out thanks to its robust body construction and adaptability, allowing it to be used in various environments. Whether for in-house patient transfers or traveling outside, this transfer chair promises reliability and comfort.

Economic Efficiency and Durability

The economical design of the G503 Aluminium Wheelchair makes it a wise investment for businesses looking for value without compromising on quality. Buyers can be assured of durable construction and ongoing support with a two-year warranty. This patient transport chair also features an attendant braking system, which adds a critical safety component and ensures that carers have complete control during transfers. Its sturdy frame is surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to maneuver and transport.

Entirely focussed on delivering efficiency, the wheelchair is an economical product that promises to meet the budget constraints of modern healthcare providers. Fast dispatch adds to the wheelchair's appeal, ensuring companies can quickly equip themselves with a fleet of first-class transfer chairs to serve their customers better. User-recommended, this chair reflects the positive experiences of those whose support is carried out in everyday life.

Convenience and Comfort for Short-Term Use

Understanding the need for convenience, the G503 Aluminium Wheelchair is foldable and suitable for various trips. Practicality is vital, and this versatile product can be easily stored or transported, a crucial feature for companies that prioritize space efficiency and are constantly moving. Furthermore, its suitability for short-term use makes it an ideal choice for patient recovery periods or intermittent assistance.

This product also takes into account the changing needs of people with disabilities. With comfort as the cornerstone of its design, customers will appreciate the care taken to ensure their comfort and safety. The G503 Aluminium Wheelchair is designed to provide a smooth experience for both the user and the operator. It is a wheelchair that represents not only the journey, but also the care and empathy with which it is provided.

Seat Width 46 cm Seat Depth 37.5 cm
Seat Height 47 cm Seat Angle
Backrest Height 42 cm Armrest Height 18 cm
Total Width 64 cm Total Height 92 cm
Total Length 92 cm Folding Width 31 cm
Rear Wheels 20″ PU Front Wheels 6″ PVC
Materiel Alüminyum / Aluminum Product Weight 11.5 kg
Max. Carrying Capacity 120 kg Carton Dimensions 80-30-75 cm
Container Loads 20’DC / 155 – 40’DC / 380

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