G458 Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair

Manual wheelchair models contain many different economic and technical features compared to the battery powered group. The most obvious of these, as you can imagine, stands out in the price section. Manual wheelchair types are models that are designed light in general and allow the user to drive with their own power. According to the variety of the model, the user can moves the wheelchair by using their own power and effort with the plastic or aluminum side arms which are mounted atop of the right and left wheels. These models are as mechanically divided into 2 types as Aluminum and Steel.

In both models, they can be considered friendly user in direct proportion to the production quality due to their general structure. If you are thinking of buying a manual wheelchair and its durability is your first priority, you should focus on the logic of cross frame (undercarriage) rather than the material. Cross frame types consists of many options wich are double, single, single slim, double slim etc. You should choose double or single slim cross frame in direct proportion to the weight of the user. If the user is under 50 kg, you can use a single slim cross frame, regardless of whether it is thin or thick. As the weight of the user increases, the number of cross frame and their diameters will also change. For example, for a 140 kg user, it would be appropriate to turn to double and thick cross frame wheelchair models.

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  • 2 Years Warranty
  • User Recommended
Seat Width 44 cm Seat Depth 39 cm
Seat Height 49 cm Seat Angle
Backrest Height 50 cm Armrest Height 23.5 cm
Overall Width 60 cm Overall Height 124 cm
Overall Length 114 cm Folded Width 33 cm
Rear Wheel 16″ PU Front Wheel 6″ PVC
Materiel Steel Product Weight 22,6 kg
Max. Loading Capacity 100 kg Dimensions of Carton 81-36-94 cm
Loading Quantities for Containers 20’DC / 98 – 40’DC / 200


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