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G101Y Standard Wheelchair

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Strong Body Structure
  • User Recommended
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Introducing the G101Y Standard Wheelchair, an exceptional mobility solution that appeals to B2B buyers and companies specializing in disabled vehicles. Designed for reliability and durability, this standard wheelchair embodies the perfect blend of functionality and economy, making it a preferred choice for organizations and retailers. Its user-friendliness and robust construction make it stand out as a highly recommended product in a competitive market.

With its robust body structure, the G101Y Standard Wheelchair promises long life and stability. It is manufactured from high-quality materials that withstand the rigors of daily use while offering comfort and support. The wheelchair's design takes into account both the carer's ease of use and the user's comfort, leading to increased efficiency in institutional settings or rehabilitation centers.

Unwavering commitment to quality

The G101Y Standard Wheelchair has an impressive 2-year warranty, a testament to the build quality and the manufacturer's confidence in their product. This quality assurance is essential for businesses that value long-term performance and reliability. The warranty covers all defects in materials or artistry and provides peace of mind and protection for your investment.

Understanding the needs of a sophisticated customer base, this standard wheelchair is about solid building and ensuring users can access a product that suits their specific requirements. From healthcare facilities to retail distributors, the G101Y promises a product that will serve its users effectively and efficiently over time.

Efficiency and Economy Combined

Recognized as an economical product, the G101Y Standard Wheelchair offers excellent value without compromising quality. It provides a cost-effective solution without the need for frequent replacement. This economic aspect is essential for companies that must manage their resources wisely while ensuring they provide the highest standard of care.
Furthermore, this standard wheelchair is a fast-shipping product that understands the urgency often associated with accessibility needs. Fast delivery ensures that businesses and users are kept on time, providing quick service and support where it matters most. This is especially crucial in environments where mobility aids are necessary, not a luxury

Seat Width 44 cm Seat Depth 43 cm
Seat Height 50 cm Seat Angle -
Backrest Height 38 cm Armrest Height 28.5 cm
Total Width 63.5 cm Total Height 85 cm
Total Length 101 cm Folding Width 23 cm
Rear Wheels 24″ PVC Front Wheels 8″ PVC
Materiel Çelik / Steel Product Weight 15.8 kg
Max. Carrying Capacity 120 kg Carton Dimensions 89-21-87 cm
Container Loads 20’DC / 150 – 40’DC / 378

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