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We have been offering tailored solutions with our alternative product groups since 1994.

Karadeniz Medikal started its first activities in the medical sector in 1994. Our company, whose foundations were laid by our founder Mr. Metin Azak in Istanbul Güngören, succeeded to take its place in the medical market by making a rapid start in its first years of operation. Our company, which has accelerated rapidly in 4 years, continues to serve by expanding its market volume and global standards (with ISO and CE certificates) in its new production facilities in Kocaeli / Dilovası as of 2023.

Yeni ürünlerimizle birlikte Asya, Avrupa, Afrika ve Amerika kıtalarında bilinirliliğimiz her geçen yıl artmaya devam etmektedir.

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Türkiye's leading wheelchair manufacturer with 4 own brands

After the Middle East, now we are in Europe!

Karadeniz Medikal, especially with its breakthroughs in the last 10 years, has managed to become one of the leading brands in Turkey in the production of "Wheelchairs" and in sales figures. It has already carried this domestic success beyond the borders of the country in the following years and increased its awareness in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

  • Shipment to all point in the world
  • Special products offer and campaigns for the region
  • Competitive prices

The way to become an export leader with reliable and fast steps.

The secret of our success is the motto of “Perfect Service”

Considering its annual growth figures, it has been among the fastest growing, reliable and respected companies in the medical sector in the last 10 years. The motto of “Perfect Service” of Karadeniz Medikal brand is the most important reason underlying its success. The adventure, which started with 5 people, did not give up on this principle under any circumstances and conditions, which was an important factor in bringing success quickly.

  • 2 year warranty products
  • Strong technical service support
  • Hassle-free spare parts support

Production policy in international standards!

Equipped employee with a professional perspective.

We aim to produce at “international standards” with our staff know the value of innovation, trustworthy, environmentally friendly and who have a professional perspective.

  • Staff of experts in the field
  • Efficient production line
  • Alternative product options

Production facility with
a closed area of 5,000 m²!

Wheelchair group produced with 100% Turkish engineers.

  • Innovative and durable products in international standards
  • Approved ISO-CE-TSE certificates products

Our Products

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We have been with you with our brands
since 1993

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